Saturday, November 9, 2013

HEARTH, INCENSE & EMBERS ~ November's Aromatic Muse Perfume & Accessory note solid


Aromatic Muse Perfume

:: November 2013 ::

Hearth Opens with the Sunday morning nostalgia of freshly split wood, Balsam Fir needles being crushed for the tinder bundle, and the welcoming warmth of Oakmoss and bark. 

Mingling in the heart notes are inviting and homey swirls of flower nectar, spicy woods, and sun-warmed pine resin, reminiscent of evenings by the wood stove sipping homemade jasmine tea in your favorite blanket. Your cozy wool sweater still holds a little bit of campfire smoke and tangled leaves. Warm leather boots settle at the hearth for a night of rest, old bricks display the ceramic decor and still pine cones, and the unsmoked pipe tobacco adorns the mantle - a little offered to the fire for good measure. In the mudroom hangs a favorite handmade bridle and a newly crafted quiver. 

A classic drydown of Bourbon Vanilla laced with a hint of musk, birch, and juniper kindling bring the wearer back to center, held in a reassuring Autumn embrace.

HEARTH to me is the smell of home. The smell of all that centers around the tending of a wood stove.

The notes combine into one beautiful wreath of perfume casting a protective spell upon the wearer. No one note is overly pronounced, this perfume is subtly complex, steady and loyal, and will adapt and shift with your moods, body temperature, and pheromones.

Comes wrapped with gratitude and pinch of organic offering tobacco. 

Hearth pairs perfectly with accessory note solid perfume: INCENSE & EMBERS:

A Smokey Jasmine perfume solid. Worn alone or layered. 

Intense with dreams of Indian Temples, seductive Jasmine sambac incense, and memorable nights. An alchemical pairing - the two dance seamlessly in sync - the feminine and masculine divine creating poetry on the skin. 

Smoldering & unforgettable. 


..and a bit of nostalgia ~ yours truly teaching at Great Hollow Wilderness School, where campfire and conifers were the daily perfume.....  here we  are making pine resin salve over an open fire. 

Blessed November


  1. I so look forward to my monthly perfume gift to myself. It's like celebrating my birthday and Yule every month. Hearth and Incense & Embers are a complex delight, and now I am scented just like a wood sprite in autumn. Thank you.

  2. <3 Treesong I'm so delighted you are enjoying your aromatics and celebrating each month ~ Such a wonderful way to stay engaged with your Sacred Self. November blessings of Hearth and Home ~ Ananda